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„Sunday Frame Of Mind (Sonntagstimmung“,60Sec.

KINOPREIS und 3.Preis 2010

Uraufführung: Münchner Filmfest

Actor: Martin Pfisterer

idea all film-soundwork: Rainer Michaelis

The film, shows in an extreme way the typical lost Sunday feeling, that can torture us so much.

It shows the helplessness when you 're not able to be the master of your own head, of your own thoughts. Every Sunday the same experienced loneliness. The grey (colour of insanity) sofa stands for places in the man's head as well as for the real sofa in the living-room. He is sitting there alone with his torturing thoughts and feelings, remembering the last week, situations of his work, life, noise around him, with his idea of the future, with his fears and care. The surreal sounds fit to the facial expression, so does the dreary light.

The camera observes, creeps up on the man -

sitting on a grey sofa ...